How to use dogebuild-tex

Dogebuild-tex is tex/latex plugin for dogebuild.

Simple project

To start simple project create and fill it with following code:

from dogebuild_tex import Tex


Create your latex document in main.tex file.


To modify behaviour if plugin you can pass following parameters:

  • tex_binary - define binary to build .tex file, can be instance of SystemTexBinary or DockerTexBinary.
  • main_file - file to build, main.tex by default.
  • build_dir - output directory.
  • out_file_name - output file name, main by default.

Change binary to build

Usually .tex files are built to .pdf with pdflatex binary. If you want to use different binary, e.g. pdftex you should set up binary as parameter of SystemTexBinary or DockerTexBinary.

Example of with pdftex as binary:

from dogebuild_tex import Tex, SystemTexBinary


Example of with pdftex as binary in docker container:

from dogebuild_tex import Tex, DockerTexBinary